The show must go on

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. . .  and so must this blog. The title this week is actually doubly appropriate, since it involves another homophonic (same sounding) word tht actually relates to show business:

A person who continues on, despite adverse conditions (health issues, lost love, fired from job, death in family, etc.), and does not let this stop his/her progress forward, is called a “real trouper” — not, as many would have it, a “trooper.”



Time to stretch a little …

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Sorry, faithful readers, but recent workload has kept me from this blog far too long. Since I have no brilliant insights to offer, I’ll let this entry speak for itself. I ran across this today:


As the link indicates, it’s a lexicon for would-be romance novelists, writing about 19th century liaisons.

Samples include:

Amorous congress             Basket-making             Blanket hornpipe         Clicket         Convivial society

click the link for the rest, as well as the explanations.

See ya soon!