Dang, has it been that long since I posted here? Actually, I’ve had some real editing work to do: a technical paper, a teen novel, some test papers . . . and now, another novel/memoir.

But I can’t leave the gap, so here are three more word-mixups to conjure with:

  1. reign/rein/rain: The first word (reign) has to do with royalty (some folks also use it to refer to presidential terms), and refers to the length of the term royalty (elected or otherwise) stays on the throne. The second one (rein) comes from horsemanship, and refers to those straps of leather used to steer a horse. It is also used (metaphorically, in most cases) to refer to controls on people’s behavior, as in “we need to rein in our Senators and Congresspeople, before they spend us into bankruptcy.” The third word (rain) is only about the weather, those drops of water that fall down from the sky.
  2. heeler/healer:The first of these (heeler) is most often used along with “blue” to refer to a species of dog; it can also perhaps be used to describe an obedient pet animal, most often a dog.The second word (healer) is used to describe someone who heals others, as a “conventional” doctor” (allopathic, AMA-member physician) or as someone using naturopathic methods for the healing. There are those who would say the former deals more with keeping illness alive than actual healing of dis-ease; I’ve been known to agree with them for the most part.
  3. waive/wave:The first word (waive) describes the process of overlooking something, as in “waiving a privilege” to do something otherwise permitted. It can appear as a “waiver” or a “rule exception.”The second word (wave) is what the Queen of England is famous for, and involves a movement of the hand. (Some people wave with a hand outstretched; others extend one or more fingers, indicating a variety of intentions.)

All for now; see you next week, by which time I hope to have unearthed something more interesting to say . . . .