Ok, I can see this is going to go a lot slower than I thought, so I’ll now try to do at least something each week. Here’s today’s teaser:

site vs. sight (vs. cite):

First, the difference among the two words (and among the three of ‘em):

site (noun):Location or position. (you could also consider it as a “situation” to remember the “s” beginning).

sight (noun): Vision (view or scene); appearance (look, spectacle, display, visibility). Has to do with what you see, not where it is.

cite (verb): To quote, mention, reference, illustrate, arraign, or summon . . . (Think of it as a “citation” which always has the “c” as the starter.)

The reason this came up is that I saw this one written very recently: “site unseen” . . .

The correct word there is of course, “sight”; the statement is referring to the fact that you are accepting terms, or other arrangements, without actually seeing the location or conditions involved. (One might accept a job, a blind date or other situations in this manner, though it is often a better idea to scope out the conditions visually first.)

The interesting thing about this is, it was written in the context of someone taking a job to manage a resort in New England, while that person was in Florida, without actually seeing the place first! It reminded me a little of a time I took a summer job at an adult/family resort camp, located back in Maine, based on an interview done in Boston. The irony was, while I was indeed in Massachusetts at the time, the location turned out to be about 30 miles from where I had grown up! And when the job was offered, I took it, knowing only that it would be an interesting summer of work. (It almost was, but that’s a whole ‘nother story, in my upcoming memoir . . .)

Actually, given the fact that the writer of this seeming error was also dealing with a “resort site” in the literal meaning of the term, it’s hard to find fault here. Meanwhile, if I had written someone a letter, way back in late ‘60s when I took that resort-camp job, I might have been clever, and referred to it as being accepted “site unseen” as well!

All for today; have a good weekend!