I got my first connection with an existing blog about words and our “native tongue” . . . Seems like only fair to share the link:

Terribly Write

As you can see, the proprietor of said site has roughly as wacked a sense of humor and punsterhood as I do, if not moreso. It turns out (near as I can tell) she’s a former Yahoo! Editor, and has for the most part focused her guns on the many slipups and errors that show up on that page’s news stories, using them as examples of what is so prevalent everywhere else.

Anyway, I’m still working on a new post of my own, but thought maybe my few readers might like a look at the work of someone who’s been at this a while. (Not that I haven’t; long before I started this little blog, I was editing and writing somewhere or other—why when you were still just a . . .  SPUTTER! MUMBLE! . . . )

See ya again soon . . .