Here’s a little lesson about differences—in quantity and quality. When you have an excess of something, you always have more of it; when it is diminished, though, there are two terms to describe the situation.

If you’re referring to a quality (love, admiration, respect, etc.) or a similar abstract entity, something that can’t really be quantified, you do indeed have less of it as it reduces or wears away. You can love less, admire less, or have less respect for someone. Something can also be of less importance than something else.

However, when it’s about quantities, counting-numbers of things, those smaller amounts are considered “fewer” than they formerly were. You don’t less items, or less packages, you have fewer of them.

In other words, a good rule of thumb in this would be to look at what it is that is being reduced:

If it’s something concrete, something that can be counted as a group of individual objects, you have “more or fewer” of them.

If it’s uncountable (in some ways more like a cloud, then you would say there is “more or less” of it.

I’d say more about this, but it’s actually less important to me than other things right now.